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From the desk of Morgan Hamel:

Dear Friend,

STOP!  Read every word of this page if you are serious about drastically changing your life. Imagine for a moment the following scenario.  You are walking down the street and on the opposite side of the road is a guy who is as average looking as you.  An absolutely gorgeous woman lingers nearby.  What makes this girl make a beeline for that guy instead of you?   He does not look like he has tons of money nor is he built like a male model.   Yet she practically swoons as he walks past her.

Why is this?  If he possesses none of those things considered high value such as dashing good looks and a big bank account why is she so interested in him?  Stop in your tracks for a moment and try to understand what I am about to reveal to you.  Let me remove those myths that society has pounded into our heads over the years and explain to you that there are certain laws to attraction that have absolutely nothing to do with these qualities. 

I can prove that she is attracted to him due to certain vibes that she is getting from him. This is not theory or wishful thinking, this is science.  She may not even be getting good vibes from him but nevertheless she is still attracted.  She could become a victim of circumstances but that is because she is letting herself be emotionally swept away.

You see, women think along emotional lines.  Their heads do not rule their hearts like guys. Most often, women get taken in by a Casanova who has no scruples and she ends up suffering a rude shock when she is dumped unceremoniously after a brief fling.  So then why does she do it?  Why would she risk certain heartbreak?  Here is the secret:

 Men think logically and women think emotionally

If a woman was thinking logically she would never enter into a relationship with someone that could bring her pain.  "Big deal" you say. "That's no secret."  Not so fast, let me explain.  For generations our friends, families and the media have taught us to attract women by appealing to their logic.  Don't believe me?  Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Scenario #1:  You are completely in love with a girl that you know.  You shower her with compliments, buy her gifts, make her feel as if she is the queen of the universe.  She seems to appreciate your nice gestures but for some reason never lets you out of the dreaded "friend zone".  Logically she should like you, you are taking care of her like most men do not. You are making her feel loved and valued.  The problem is she does not think logically. She is thinking emotionally.  What she is really thinking is you are expressing value lower than hers. You are being submissive and constantly seeking her approval.  She may even be giggling behind your back and telling her friends you are her emotional tampon.

Scenario #2:  You see a beautiful woman across the bar.  You work up the courage to speak to her, politely introducing yourself and engaging in conversation.  She turns away out of disinterest and maybe even throws you a courtesy "Nice to meet you" only to forget you 30 seconds later.  Why didn't this work either?  You were nice and logic tells us to be receptive to nice people.  You decide it must be due to your looks or height.  Maybe it's because of your gut or your bald head.  WRONG!  The truth is you did nothing to tap into her emotions. Nothing about you set yourself apart from the crowd.  Quite simply, you did not display alpha male characteristics that serve as a beacon to hot women.  

Even if neither scenario applies to you, whatever your excuse is doesn't matter because Alpha Male Pickup is based upon tapping into psychological principles that are hard wired in the female brain.  You aren't using cheesy lines but rather cracking the code to a woman's emotions.  This is huge because women cannot deny their feelings no matter how hard they try!  Now I am not saying you need to turn into some coniiving smooth talker or some jerk. This is not the image I have in mind for you.  What if I told you that you could develop all of the attractive skills of the 'bad boys' while still maintaining your decency and integrity?

Take a look at this recent email of a satisfied buyer:

My methods are based on scientific reasoning as I am absolutely certain that you can attract women to you by using certain tactics that are rational, yet yield definite results. You are just moments away from finding out the secrets of seducing women.  No, you do not have to flash your bank balance or look like a Greek God to get her to bed with you. My guidelines are subtle and aimed at making you worth your weight in gold.

How often have women tied themselves in knots and gone after men who use devious methods to win their attention.  You see, unlike men, women think with their hearts.  Their emotions rule their head and that is why they are easily fooled by some dude, who does not know how to please a woman or keep her.  They get taken in by scoundrels and jilters who just want to hit home base and run. I am not saying you have to turn into a devious person to get the women you desire.  You do not have to be like them to get what you want.

Use the system that I have devised and see how easy it is to make the woman of your dreams become the queen of your heart. You need to know that a woman’s brain is emotionally wired to her heart and most often she is influenced by what she feels rather than thinks.  She may not be thinking rationally and may often make the wrong choice and suffer for it. You need to:

learn how to pull at her heart strings by the way you behave and the things you say

I shall make you more attractive to a woman and a million times more successful than any guy, if you go along with me and listen to what I have to tell you.   My idea of a conquest is using full-on moves that can help you get a date and retain her interest in you, for as long as you want.  My approach is logical, clever and one that uses simple but ultimate reasoning, where you end up victorious and get to keep your prize. Never mind your looks or how much you are earning.  We are talking about you, the average guy, who constitutes not even a drop in this whole ocean of humanity.


Another email I received:


I wanted to extend an enormous thank you for turning my life around with women.  Even though I have had a few girlfriends, even my buddies thought I was a lost cause to actually pick up hott women.  With your step by step guidance I was able to prove them (and myself) wrong.  I truly owe you everything. 
Thank you sincerely.
Grand Rapids, MI

My techniques are unique, as I will expose every secret that women withhold from men.  Listen carefully as I expose the intimate details of how you can get a woman to bed and make her fall head over heels in love with you.  Perhaps you even want to meet a woman that is wife material.  The choice is yours.

Why is it that the same guys keep getting all the good looking women?  You walk on the street and women pass you by without even so much as a glance in your direction.  You notice that the guys, whose arms they cling to, do not merit a second look.  You dress well, you walk and talk well, but a beautiful woman still shows no interest.  Now they see you, now they don’t.  Did they even realize you existed?  My rule book, which I shall lay before you, will make you realize that you have not used a fraction of your capabilities correctly.

I am throwing caution to the wind and enabling you to be the Casanova that women love to be seen with

Learn to manipulate their minds and hearts with ease, as you turn into that guy other men look at with awe and wonder!  Age is of no importance.  You could be a teenager or even in your sixties or seventies.  You do not have to drive past them in your flashy Mercedes or a red sports car to attract their attention.  You will have the edge over other men without needing any of these things.  I have assembled all of my highly sought after tactics in a jam-packed guide called Alpha Male Pickup.

Alpha Male Pickup

Understand that women do not care for men who flash their wealth on their sleeve.  What you say to them and how you do it, is what I am going to explain to you, step by step, so that you learn how to stand out in the crowd and have women fighting over themselves, for your attention. Feel the power; watch jaws drop as men look at you, with amazement.

Imagine this scenario! You are walking down the street and women slide past you, almost touching you, smile and then look back to see if you are looking at them.  You know they are dying for you to acknowledge them.  You know that you just have to open your mouth to talk to them and they will accept your invitation! You are the potter and they are the clay. You can mould them and make them do your bidding! That is the position I can help you achieve.

Take my hand and let me guide you through the nuances of making the right moves, saying the right things and most of all, being the person you always wanted to be, but did not know how. By the time you have read and understood the guide, you will never know what rejection feels like.  Score with different women.  Your self esteem will soar and you will walk with a new swagger, self confidence oozing out of every pore!

Alpha Male Artistry That Pulls Gorgeous Girls In Like Sexually Charged Magnets!

Your whole being will be enveloped with an invisible cloak of distinction that sets you apart from the rest.  The decision to make the right choice from the sea of faces out there, imploring you to single them out, will fill your being with such heady delight, you will find that loving and living life to the hilt, is the best thing that could happen to you. Forget being shy, you will be able to hold a conversation and say things that will make her captivated and hanging on to your every word.
You will finally learn how to pick the right woman and enjoy “nirvana” that you never experienced before.  Your passion and lovemaking will be unique and set you apart as the greatest lover she has ever had.  You will be able to choose the woman you wish to be with, in a relationship, or you can date a different woman every night.  The choice is yours!


What up Morgan!  After seeing your “satisfaction guaranteed” label for your guide Alpha Male Pickup, I decided why not and took the plunge.  I can see what all the hype was about.  I was 25 and had never even kissed a girl.  I had studied this woman Heather at my job for months and couldn’t say anything to her other than work related issues.  After reading your guide I was a new man and got the courage to not only talk to her about who I am as a person, but “pick her up” as well.  We are now dating (and have been for months) and needless to say my lack of kissing has gone out the window.  Cheers mate!
Port Chester, LA

In Alpha Male Pickup I have divulged psychological secrets that delve deep into the female mind which are original in content and guaranteed to change the way you think and feel about women.  This is because you have learned the secret of handling women whose brains are emotionally knotted up with hard wire.  Your ability to handle them right will make you superior in the male kingdom.  You will be the Alpha Male.

You will become a pro at attracting women to you like bees to honey.  The Alpha Male in you will ooze with charm and women will trip over themselves to get noticed and bump into you on the road, in a store, or even in a supermarket!

Manipulate her whims and desires as you seduce her easily into bed with you.  Make her moan and whimper with desire, as you learn how to fondle and caress her vulnerability, so that she behaves like a harlot and turns you on with her sensuality.

I shall give you a sneak preview of the areas I am going to cover in my guide to make you the most coveted man on the block:

The 2 things every aspiring Alpha Male Pickup artist should carry in his pocket at all times

Grooming do’s and don’ts.  Making what you wear work for you and not against you!

2 things you MUST maintain every time you start talking to a woman initially

How to take control on dates so YOU run the show instead of being her obedient little lapdog

8 powerful things you should do to your pad to increase the percentage of successful seduction!

UNMASKED!  What to say to get a woman away from her friends so you can seduce her

Discover the 2 things you HAVE to do to build a connection with a stranger

Worried you are boring?  The easiest way to hook her with humor, even if you aren’t very funny

 The 4 goal checklist you should have accomplished in every conversation with a woman!

Your whole being will exude an aura that sends out magnetic waves so that women are inexplicably drawn to you 

Your confidence will escalate several notches, as women hang on to every word you utter.  Your charm will floor them beyond reasoning, so you will be able to tell by their whole demeanor that they are dying to maul you with their bare hands and cannot wait for you to hold them in your arms.

Imagine the feeling of power and accomplishment knowing the world is your oyster with a sea of women just waiting to meet you.  Take time off to learn how to make women want to eat out of your hands.  You can now walk into a crowded room and women turn to look at you.  This has never happened before and men stop, frozen in their tracks, as they notice something unusual taking place.  They stand to the side convinced that you are not going to be able to score.

A beautiful woman approaches you and you turn on your new found charisma.  She leans towards you and nods and smiles.  She gushes and blushes as you engage her in conversation.  You begin to walk away and she stops you.  You look back and she is stunned that you are not asking her for her contact details.  You tell her casually that she has your number and can get in touch with you if she wants.

You leave her in a state of shock but this is nothing compared to what the guys who have been watching the whole scene are experiencing.  They have “What the %!*%!?” written all over their faces!

You go home with the firm conviction that you are going to see her soon.  You are dead right! Before the week is over, she is in your bed and calling out your name over and over again.  She cannot get enough of you.  She babbles and smiles, whimpers and laughs, and you are comforting her.  You are able to make the right moves as you follow my guide and do exactly as I tell you.

Why should you settle for second best when you can have the pick of the lot?  

By shying away from women or handling them incorrectly, you can end up with a disastrous future.  Make use of the opportunity at hand and use the techniques that I have divulged, to become a true Alpha Male, with a difference.  You can be a much sought after chauvinist as you become the “Adonis” that women will give anything to be associated with.  She may be a shy lovable person when you set your eyes on her, but you now have the power to convert her into a frenzied lover, as you learn how to stimulate her senses and unleash her animal lust.

I will explain to you in my guide, how to pick up dates from interesting internet sources, and right from wooing them, to getting them into bed, you will be engaged in promiscuous activity, hour after hour. You may find it difficult to restrain her as she cannot get her hands and body away from yours and is insatiable.

The nuggets of information I will give you are worth their weight in gold.  This is my promise to you.  I am so confident of how it is going to change your life, that I am giving you a guarantee of a full refund with no questions asked, if my tips on dating and succeeding with women do not produce victorious results.   I do not care if you aren't built like a Greek God or that you have a pot belly.  Perhaps you are short or what you consider to be unattractive. This does not matter.

I can’t believe I am taking the time to write you this, but I found this on my boyfriend’s computer and read it cover to cover.  I am a 23 year old female college student that had to smile hearing you describe how to pick us women up.  lol I haven't heard of most of this.  To my surprise, everything that made me attracted to my boyfriend were things you taught in your guide.  I give you kudos for cracking our code. 

Best wishes,
Tallahassee, FL

Women “feel the difference”! They look beyond the superficial when they zone in on the man of their choice.  Understand the potential in you and know that I am not mixing a magic potion for you that will work to cast spells on the unsuspecting woman.  No!  You are going to be able to fine tune your capabilities as the greatest lover by making her respond to you like a hungry kitten who wishes to lick that bowl of cream and will do anything to get it.
I am not teaching you to control her mind or hypnotize her so that she is a walking somnambulist.  You want her live in her senses, quivering, whimpering, moaning and calling out to you, in supplication – “Take Me! I am yours!” Most men try to impress their women by behaving like the “Bad guy.” You will be riding a different crest with your moves that make her want to follow in your footsteps and kiss the ground you walk on.

Your new avatar will be a pleasant blend of male chauvinism with less arrogance and brimming with self esteem that will boost your testosterone levels and give you the ultimate staying power that women cannot resist.  You will exude warmth and charm that will send magnetic waves coursing through her entire body and you will feel the tingling of her senses as she sends out feelers with body language that you now know how to intercept.

If you have never picked up a successful date on line, worry no more.  Internet dating sites that give you hot steamy dates will be yours for the “picking.”  You will never run out of one-liners whether you are in a one day relationship or meeting the same girl for the nth time.  She will find you even more attractive with each passing date.  She can never tire of you if you learn to use the tips that I have written for you baring no secrets so that you get the most out of your relationship.

Men who use silly cheesy one-liners are only asking for trouble as they end up with dates that you would rather not be seen with.  Imagine how envious men will be of you when they see you scoring day after day with gorgeous females and wondering how you are making waves!

You will learn to walk and talk like you were born to be nature's gift to women

They hesitate when you are around and watch you walk up to the most beautiful girl in the room. As you engage her in conversation, she responds with a sparkle in her eye and whispering in your ear much to the awe of the men watching you.  You walk away from her and she grabs your arm and walks with you.  How great is that?  This and more is possible as I take you through the techniques that I have explained to you and you need never look back again or wonder why you wasted so much time, when you could have been this Alpha Male that women yearn to be seen with.

Perhaps you feel this is too much to believe.  You cannot perceive how you can be that Alpha Male that men would give an arm or a leg to be.  Take the journey with me and once you reach the victory line, see how your life has changed radically and you will only look ahead again.  Your perception of life changes and you are able to take on the world and its challenges simply because you are not that individual who shied away from women and stuttered and stammered when making an opening move.

The information that you have picked up from the guide will change your outlook and you will be the master of your destiny. Settling for second best is the last thing on your mind now. You will travel paths that men have failed to cross and you will achieve conquests many times over.  Ultimate victory and power will be yours as you tread on the pinnacle of success.

My tips and guidelines could just make you the talk of the town.  Your success stories are your secrets that you will not divulge to another person.  Take advantage of the fact that you have been fortunate in downloading information that has made you a cut above the rest. 

The art of seducing, exuding charm and attracting masterfully and expertly, as explained in my ebook, will turn your world around as you enjoy the roller coaster ride that promises untold pleasures. Perfect your moves and soon it will become second nature to you.  Inside the digital guide you will also find these dynamite revelations:  

Discover the A.M.P. CROSS CANCEL THEORY and how you can rescue picking up a woman if you have stumbled out of the gate in trying to attract her

The 10 must know signs she shows you to convey she is attracted

Explosive types of openers and how to use each one for maximum seduction success!

20 A.M.P. rule shortcuts that will GPS guide you to obtaining women at lightning speed

Why the universe FORCES women to line up with Alpha Male dominance in a bar or club

What three things must be projected at all times, from minute 1 in the club to the second you leave!

How to train a woman to stop bad behavior in bars or clubs

What lands you in the dreaded 'friend zone' the fastest.  Ignore this and you are dead in the water.

EXPOSED!  How to use a woman’s lack of logic against her and finally get what YOU want

3 personality traits that make up every single woman in the world, and how you can use them against her to allow seduction

Revealed!  What she will do at your house or apartment to indicate she is ready to get intimate or be seduced completely!

Worried about how you are perceived?  The 4 ways to make you appear to have high status in public

The 3 dynamite ways to establish social status to a stranger you just met

How to become an ALPHA MALE Pickup Artist in 30 days broken down by a daily routine!

...And Much More!

Alpha Male Pickup is chock full of attraction tips, seduction techniques and cutting edge gaming tactics jam-packed into a 100 page ebook!  

The guide is 100% online which means we send nothing to your home and your payment is completely private.  The only people who'll know you've purchased are you and us and we keep it that way!  I've also got one more surprise up my sleeve.  If you order today, not only do you get the guide for a discounted sale price, you will also get 2 awesome free bonuses!


The Alpha Male Pickup 30 Day Calendar!  I have broken down exactly what to do on each of the thirty days to transform yourself into the ultimate Alpha Male pickup artist.  It is the perfect compliment to the Alpha Male Pickup guide.  You can print the calendar to keep it with you or have it laying around for easy access!  


Once you have gone through the exciting and rewarding metamorphasis into an Alpha Male, I have also provided for you the Master Alpha Male 30 Day Pickup Calendar.  This is the one that sets you apart from the pack and puts you on the path to true pickup mastery.  Both bonuses combined give you 60 days of calendar space to easily reference at your convenience!


Do you want to spend next weekend like the one before it, fantasizing about your crush or dream girl only to remain alone when she doesn't magically show up at your doorstep? 

Or would you rather start right away (I mean as soon as tonight) enjoying the thrill and excitement of having drop-dead gorgeous, previously unattainable women automatically drawn to you like a tractor beam... 

You have nothing to lose with our 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!  Either you master the art of picking up and dating hot women or you get your money back for giving it the 'old college try'...no questions asked!

Let's get to making you the man you were destined to become...


Yes!  I want to become a dominant alpha male and attract beautiful women like sexually charged magnets!

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(one time fee!)

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We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and you're only seconds away from learning how to pickup gorgeous women. But you need to take action to make it happen. Order Now and instantly secure your copy. 


Morgan, I write all the time, so I figured sending you this about my progress in picking up women was in order.  I bought your guide Alpha Male Pickup, and within 24 hours had changed my entire outlook on attracting the opposite sex.  I went from the guy just holding a beer at a bar saying nothing to having groups of women follow me wherever I went.  Just last week I had two females I met at a nightclub bickering about who was going to buy ME a drink!  Your guide completely reverses who is in control and it is amazing.  The best compliment I can give you is that anyone can learn because you describe it so well.  Good luck in your further teachings, and please, keep me in the loop for them.
Vancouver, Canada

Kind Regards,

Morgan Hamel

P.S.  You can rest assured that getting this information is 100% private and discreet. Take a good look at yourself in  the mirror.  Are you truly happy with the cailber of women you are getting?  Do you want to stumble around and hope to "get lucky" or possess the tried-and-tested proven roadmap to get there?

P.P.S.  You have come to a crossroads.  Your life changing moment could literally be a click away if you take action now before this offer is removed completely or the price goes up.  
Imagine the feeling of power, accomplishment, and sex appeal when gorgeous women are overwhelmingly drawn to you like a moth to a flame.  The choice is yours.  Just rememeber,
if you keep doing what you have always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten.

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